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In terms of rental management, the lessor of furnished or unfurnished accommodation (owner or his agent) must send the tenant a rent receipt, provided that the payment of this rent is in full. The terms of this document are defined in article 21 of law 89-462 of July 6, 1989, and supplemented by law Alur. They are simple and framed. This article will show you the details.

Free rent receipt template

Here is a free rent receipt template that you can write for your tenant. Simple sending by post is sufficient.

Rent receipt for the month of : (indicate the period concerned)

Rental address :

I the undersigned, (surname and first name of the owner or contact details of his representative) owner of the above-mentioned accommodation, declares to have received from (indicate the first and last name of the tenant) the sum of (indicate in figures and letters the amount of rent received) euros, for the payment of rent and charges for the rental period of the (period start date and period end date) and gives him a receipt, subject to all my rights.

Details of the regulations:

  • Rent: ……… ..euros
  • Provision for charges: ……… ..euros
  • Total: ……… ..euros

Payment date:

Made in (city), the (dated)


This receipt cancels all receipts that could have been established previously in the event of partial payment of the amount of this term. It is to be kept for three years by the tenant (article 7-1 of law n ° 89-462 of July 6, 1989).

What is a rent receipt?

The rent receipt is an official document from the lessor (the owner or his property manager, a real estate agency for example) given to the lessee who certifies the payment of his rent. By definition, it is only transmitted if the tenant has paid his rent and the related charges.

Namely that not providing it when the tenant has requested it is liable, for the owner, to a penalty aimed at paying damages to his tenant, thus covering any damage suffered as a result of this failure.

Of course, it is free. Even the possible shipping costs, or management costs can not be invoiced to the tenant.

What must the rent receipt contain?

The mandatory information appearing on the rent receipt is simple and informative. The owner must include:

  • The full contact details of the lessor (name and address);
  • The full contact details of the tenant (name and address);
  • The date of dispatch of the receipt;
  • The period to which the rent receipt refers;
  • The details of the sums paid by the tenant (in figures and in letters), clearly specifying the amount of the rent and the amount of each other charge.

The owner also includes any delay in rent (from a previous period).

The owner clearly indicates the amount actually paid. If the tenant has paid his rent only partially, he therefore does not issue a receipt, but a receipt for partial payment of rent.

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What is a rent receipt used for?

If the rent receipt is, at the base, proof of payment of the rent by the tenant, it can also be used as proof of address for certain organizations such as the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales in particular.

It can also be claimed for the granting of a mortgage.

It is advisable to keep them for 3 years.

Is it compulsory to give a rent receipt?

In matters of furnished or unfurnished residential leases, the owner or the lessor is not obliged to transmit it unless the tenant requests it (according to the law of July 6, 1989). In this case, the tenant is given the rent receipt free of charge.

A rental agreement should never state otherwise. If this were the case, this mention would not be admissible.

Even if the tenant no longer lives at the address concerned, the lessor must provide this certificate on request.

Where can I find rent receipts?

1. Apply to your landlord

The tenant sends a simple postal mail to his lessor to claim his rent receipt.

Here is a sample letter for that:

Contact details of the tenant

Date and place


Please find attached a check / copy of a transfer of (…) euros in payment of my rent for (month and year).

Please send me, in return, a rent receipt corresponding to this payment.

If the tenant wishes to receive his rent receipt at each of his regulations, he adds:

In the future, I would like to receive free of charge, with each payment of rent, a rent receipt as provided by law (article 21 of law n ° 89-462 of July 6, 1989).

Or if the tenant accepts dematerialization:

I agree to access the dematerialized transmission of my receipt, here is my email address:

Please accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my best regards.

Signature of tenant

Indeed, since the Alur law, the rent receipt can be sent automatically and dematerialized to the tenant, provided that the latter has expressly accepted it.

2. If the tenant is denied access to his request, he can initiate proceedings. This takes place in 3 stages

  1. Amicably, at first. He then sends a questioning letter to his owner. In this case, the lessor must respond within a week. This mail template is available free of charge on the internet.
  2. The formal notice, legally motivated, is made in parallel with a declaration to the registry of the competent court. It should be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
  3. The tenant can apply to the magistrate. The latter then sends him an injunction to do so. It can even rule in summary proceedings (emergency measure) in order to impose a deadline for responding to the lessor and make him pay a late payment penalty (calculated per day of delay).

How to send a rent receipt to your tenant?

The lessor, the owner or his agent sends either by simple post or by email, if the tenant has accepted it, the rent receipt.

Under no circumstances can the lessor require the lessee to travel to obtain his discharge.

If the tenant requests it, it can also be sent automatically after each rent payment.

When to put it back?

The rent receipt serves as a payment certificate. Consequently, it can only be given to the tenant after full payment of the monthly rent and charges. The rent receipt details the sums inherent in the rent itself and in each of the charges.

This is indeed a full rent payment. In the event of partial payment, a simple receipt replaces the receipt.

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